Filmmaking club teaches movie-making craft

By Lewis Herring-Tillman, Staff–

In the Davis High Filmmaking Club, students learn the basic techniques of movie-making and are working towards making short films, both animated and live-action.

“Everyone here is interested in expressing themselves through the art of filmmaking,” club president and junior Aaron Nguyen said.

Nguyen formed the club towards the end of summer break, wanting to create the first film-focused club at DHS.

“I wanted to go into film, but there wasn’t really a film-centered club at DHS,” Nguyen said. 

The Filmmaking Club employs weekly lessons on core topics such as acting, script writing and camera work, taught by the club’s officers. They also welcome guest speakers to talk about professional sound design and audio mixing.

“People usually tend to be drawn to artwork like drawing or painting,” vice president and junior Emma Yu said. “I always thought that filmmaking was another form of expressing yourself, and it’s a relatively new and different medium of getting your feelings out there.”

Junior Donya Pirouzi was one of the first members to join the club. “I took acting classes prior to joining [Filmmaking Club], and I’m really interested in what a filmmaker’s or director’s perspective is,” Pirouzi said.

While the Filmmaking Club often does lectures, Nguyen is looking forward to making short films as a club as it has started to pivot towards interactive activities like overviewing scripts.

“There’s something about making films,” Nguyen said. “It’s quite interactive, and you get to enjoy yourself while working with people.”

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