Powder Puff Preview

By Elsie Fullerton
Hub Correspondent

The senior Powder Puff team swarmed around a mass of fleeing junior women, flinging water balloons and firing squirt guns as the majority of juniors fled toward Yudin field. The water attack was a preamble to Wednesday’s upcoming Powder Puff showdown.

While in past years, some juniors have claimed the game was “fixed” to ensure a senior win, the junior women’s Powder Puff coach Clayton Jimenez expects a victory from his players. “Obviously the juniors are going to win… We have better coaching staff and a lot more athletic ability,” Jimenez said.

Xotchil Sarabia, on the other hand, would put her money on the seniors. Sarabia explained that not only does the senior team have some phenomenal athletes, but many players on the team also have experience from playing in last year’s game. “And yeah,” Sarabia said, “the refs will probably help us out a little bit.”

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