DHS beats Monterey Trail in tennis

by YuJin Choi
HUB correspondent

The DHS women’s tennis team played their final regular game of the season, against Monterey Trail High school on Oct. 21. They were on top of their games, as they won with a score of 9-0.

Although the weather was chilly with harsh winds that interfered with playing, the tennis team did very well, with nearly all players having perfect sets.

Sophomore Inez Guinard defeated Judy Chen of Monterey Trail with a score of 6-0 for both matches.

Sophomore Kelly Chuck and senior Virginia Hartz exemplified great teamwork as they didn’t waver in their playing and won 6-0, 6-0 against Agnes Chen and Karen Tran. Chuck showed her strong skills as she ended several points with them.

Another doubles team, freshman Catherine Archer and sophomore Natalie Serdahl ended their match with 6-0, 6-4. Sophomore Ceci Cajandig had two sets of 6-0 against Christina Luu.

“The girls kept their strong focus and wrapped up their league competitively,” DHS tennis coach Sally Hosley said.

Oct. 26 is the Delta Valley Conference Singles at Laguna Creek. Following that, the conference for doubles is on Oct. 28.

“For Conference Singles, Inez should go far,” Hosley said, “For doubles, I’m hoping two teams will get to the finals.”

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