Senior ball theme ideas

By Mara Seaton,
HUB Correspondent–


Grecian, Mayan, Roaring 20s. These are just some of the Senior Ball theme ideas. the 20 or so seniors came up with at the Tuesday 31 lunch meeting. The Student Government class felt it was time the entire senior class got a say in the theme for their last school dance.

“We want to open it up to different people’s opinions because we feel like it’s their prom, everyone should get a say,” said senior class president Caitlin Glassman.

Student Government has already come up with a few ideas for prom on their own.

“Not themes necessarily, but we definitely decided we want our prom to be really classy and memorable,” Glassman Said. “We kind of have a direction but we want to open it up to the class for specifics.”

The Student Government prom committee will take into account all ideas approved by administration, and within the budget, and will announce the chosen theme on Feb. 14, at the senior class assembly.

Senior Ball will be May19 at the Grand Sheraton Hotel in Sacramento.

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