DHS Softball Senior Night

By Shauna Simon,
HUB Staff Writer–


The DHS varsity softball team not only beat Elk Grove for the first time in 19 years, they defeated them in a blowout game with a final score of 14-5.

The senior night game on Thursday, May 3, took off as the team ran through a blue and white balloon arc and onto the field. Fans held up signs with the names of the seniors written in neon block letters.

Seniors Chelsea Brent, Rita Allen-Sutter and Haley Cameron brought the game to full swing. Brent caught a fly ball and Allen-Sutter and Cameron got two forced outs on third and first, bringing the Devils up to bat.

Sophomore Kaitly Lagattuta then started the 14 point streak off with a chopper that brought senior Melanie Habib to home and left the bases loaded.

The Devils played consistently smart ball, racking up at least one point every inning, with noteworthy bunts by senior Megan Winton and junior Stephanie Cello.

According to Rosenblum, the win brought the Devils to an 18-5 record and one game away from winning leagues. DHS will compete against Franklin today for the league championship title.

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