The next Kony 2012 is born at DHS

In this photo illustration, junior Asha Byrd watches the viral video that she helped make in Chris Lee's International Relations class.
By Ioana Seritan,
HUB Correspondent–

Chris Lee’s International Relations class at DHS has exchanged the traditional end-of-the-year research paper for a new final project: making viral videos.

This project was inspired by the highly popular Kony 2012 movie. Lee wanted to have his students use all of the research that would normally go into a paper to attempt to make an equally viral video.

The objective of the project was to use facts to create a “call for action,” similar to the Kony 2012 videos.

The students worked in groups and produced about 15 of these movies. The final products were uploaded to Youtube and spread via Facebook.

“Community response has been extremely high,” Lee said. The films were displayed at Open House on May 2. Parents, administrators and district officials all came to see the projects.

They have been viewed all over the U.S., and some views have even come from Asia and Europe.

The myriad topics covered in the videos included the effects of factory waste on a Chinese city in “Save Yunnan,” global warming in “Easy Being Green,” and the oppression of Tibetans in “Light the Night – Free Tibet 2012.”

Links to the films are available on Lee’s Facebook page, “Mr. Lee’s APHG.”

Lee will also have his Race and Social Justice students make viral videos in lieu of a final paper.

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