President Bill Clinton speaks at UC Davis

By Daniel Tutt,
HUB Staff Writer–

Bill Clinton stood in front of thousands on a sunny fall day on the UC Davis Quad. Behind him stood the four candidates he endorsed, John
Garamendi, Jerry McNerney, Ami Bera and Jose Hernandez.

During his speech, Clinton gave his support to the four candidates and encouraged students to get
involved in the political process, particularly to vote. He also criticized the Republican candidate Mitt
Romney and what he said during the presidential debate on Oct. 3.

“This is a very, very important day for the four campaigns,” said Garamendi, the representative for the
district that includes DHS. “It is also a time for our volunteers, for the students, high school students and
college students, to really see a political rally in its best, best form. It’s exciting.”

Garamendi has worked with President Clinton since the ‘80s.

“I keep in touch with him, and told him about the campaign, about the four of us who are under attack
out here,” he said. “I told him he should come out and help us and he said he would do so and here he

Bera thought the political message of Clinton’s speech was important for the election.

“This event just frames the choices that are coming up in this election. It’s about rebuilding a middle
class, it’s about reinvesting in America, it’s about building jobs,” Bera said. “I would say to a student,
[this election] is about your future, this is about giving you the same opportunities that we had, where if
you work hard, you have a chance.”

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