JV soccer triumphs over darkness

By Lily Batchelor,
HUB Staff Writer–

The Davis High men’s JV soccer team was going strong with a 4-0 lead on Elk Grove in the second half of its game on Oct. 9, when it was interrupted by the shrill sound of the whistle cutting the match short.

The guys jogged off the field seeming mostly unaffected by their strong win. “[The game] was about chilling with the guys and having a good time,” freshman Jaleel Dmeiri said.

The match was not finished because the field lights could not be used. It is dangerous to play in the dark, and because of budget cuts the lights were not in use, according to coach Jason DalPorto. The soccer team seems to have been given the short end of the stick, as the football teams’ lights are still blazing for their practice while the soccer field is bathed in darkness.

The Blue Devils started strong, weaving their way through the Elk Grove players and scoring three goals in the first half with quick breakaways, powerful crosses and direct shots. “It’s a league game, we have to win it,” freshman Matthew Rowan said.

“[We] scored goals early and gave us some momentum going forward,” DalPorto said.

Elk Grove missed some key opportunities to score during the game that were very close but saved by Davis High’s strong defense and keeper.

Throughout the game the Blue Devils controlled the field, rarely having the ball on their side longer than it took to send a strong kick down the line.

“These types of games are chemistry building,” DalPorto said, “It was a pretty mellow game.”

The match was important, however, as it was a league game. “We get more points and now we’re in a better position to win the league,” freshman Sebastian Gonzales said.

The team will face Franklin in an upcoming match on Tuesday, Oct. 16.


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