DHS Sports Teams Go All Out for Halloween

Participating Davis High cross country runners stand in a line for the rest of the team to judge their costumes. The team holds a costume competition every year on Halloween as a running tradition before practice.
By McKenzie Barlow,
HUB Staff Writer–

Some Davis High sport teams that are still in-season embrace the fun of Halloween by celebrating at practice. Cross country is one team that has been celebrating Halloween for some time now.

Senior Laurel Darragh has been on the cross country team all four years of high school. “Our cross country [team] has a cross country run and pasta feed that people dress up for,” Darragh said.

The cross country varsity and JV teams come together for the pasta feed and run, but they have different costume traditions. “[The] varsity teams usually do a themed dress up together, like last year’s varsity girls were characters from the Wizard of Oz,” Darragh said.

Junior Jeanne-Marie McPherson is also on the varsity cross country team this year. She remembers that John Testerman won the costume competition last year wearing basically nothing. “[He] won with a box around his mid-area that said censured and really short running shorts so you couldn’t see them and no shirt,” McPherson said.

Last year, Laney Teaford and Tess Williams paired up and coordinated costumes. “[They] dressed up as Skittles and M&M bags. The costumes were amazing, they had a ton of detail,” McPherson said. They ended up as the runners up.

This year’s celebration is a surprise, but people are still supposed to dress up.

The women’s varsity tennis team doesn’t plan an event for Halloween specifically like the cross-country team, but rather has a fun get-together in the fall instead to celebrate their season.

Senior Eliana Lehr is on the varsity women’s tennis team this year. She said that the team doesn’t have any plans for Halloween as a group, but they are planning on having a team gift exchange by the end of the season.

“I think we call it Secret Turkey or something… but yeah it’s fun and everyone always makes their gifts super funny!” Lehr said.

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