Staff barbeque shows appreciation

By Zachary Hertz,

HUB Correspondent–

Laughter, chatting and the smell of smoke mingle in the air. There’s a smile on everyone’s face, and people are sitting at tables, telling stories and eating. The group members have one thing in common: they are all staff members at Davis High.

Teachers, custodians, counselors and special-aides alike all came together at the PTA-held staff appreciation barbeque at lunch on May 10.

It was a fitting end to Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. Every staff member received random prizes, such as food and gift cards.

Teachers and staff talked animatedly as they ate, including science teacher Wayne Raymond.

“There’s great food. It’s a great opportunity to talk with the other teachers. It’s fantastic,” Raymond said. “I also got a Peet’s [Coffee] gift card, which is really nice.”

PTA hospitality coordinator Lorie Schilling-Davis oversaw the barbeque. Schilling-Davis said that the barbeque was the PTA’s way of giving back to the school.

“We want to show our gratitude for all of [the staff’s] hard work for our kids,” Schilling-Davis said.

According to vice-principal Stacy Desideri the gesture was greatly appreciated by the staff.

“We absolutely love the way the PTA makes us feel supported and valued and we are truly blessed to have such a generous PTA.”

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