Stud Gov gets soapy and wet for teacher appreciation week

Student Gov members scrub hard to clean a teachers car
Student Gov members scrub hard to clean a teachers car

By Nick Juanitas,

HUB Staff Writer–

Faculty members were thankful for their jobs on Wednesday because it meant that they were entitled to a free carwash courtesy of Student Government.

May 6 marked the beginning of national teacher appreciation week and Student Government pondered on how they could give back the most to the men and women who make their school days go by so smoothly.  Last years baby-sitting night was a big hit with the faculty but this year they decided to bring back the car wash because it was such a big hit two year ago.

According to Mr. Morgan, Student Government’s advisor, it was unlucky that the students weren’t able to do the car wash last year because of the amount of the events they were putting on at the time.

“We brought back the car wash this year because I had a group of students who wanted to do it.  Last year we didn’t have enough staff to do every event we wanted to do so we were lucky to have the perfect timing and pacing this year,” Morgan said.

ASB President Adam King believes that it was a good decision by Student Government to bring back the car wash because of how much the teachers love it and take advantage of it.

“One of the reasons we brought it back was because so many teachers asked about it. We already have twenty teachers signed up and we probably aren’t going to be able to wash all of these cars,” King said.

Career Center advisor Julie Clayton is one of the faculty members who took advantage of the free car wash by Student government.

“I chose to let them wash my car because it’s so convenient for me. I get to sit here at my desk while my car goes and gets washed. I feel like I work for google,” Clayton said.

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