Davis High clubs promote themselves at Club Fair

By Meem Mohsin,
HUB Staff Writer–

The Davis Senior High School end-of-the-year club fair was held on campus Wed. May 21. A few club members stood under trees with their stalls, promoting their club and anxiously waiting for new underclassmen students to join for the following year.

Junior Amani Jones is the President of the Black Student Union. Her main goal for next year is to recruit new people into their club. However, she would like BSU to be more involved and to reach out to the new sophomores next year.

“I wanted to be President because I believe that I can take this club up to a higher level. Being in Student Government has improved my leadership and organization skills,” Jones said. “I wanted to participate because I believe that the BSU is a club that I belong in because of my ethnicity, but I love holding the meetings to connect with my classmates of the same and different race as me,”

According to Jones, The Black Student Union represents unity and peace amongst everyone. Their motto is “We all can be friends and not enemies.”

Next year, Jones hopes the BSU will be a more known and popular club on campus. “I would like to have the BSU host more functions after school and during Black History Month,” Jones said.

One achievement that Jones and her club members made this year was hosting their very first Poetry Cafe for Black History Month. Jones explains it was a lot of work to put on but the outcome turned out great. “People attended and enjoyed the variety of poetry, spoken word, and dance that was being performed in the IPAB,” Jones said.

Jones added that she would like anyone to join the BSU. “You don’t have to be of African American race just to join, we accept everyone!” Jones said.

Senior Laney Teaford is the co-president of the Freedom from Hunger club. The goals the club wants to reach next year are to raise as much money as possible and spread awareness. “I wanted to be as involved as I could,” Teaford said.

The Freedom from Hunger club decided to represent themselves in the club fair in order to attract more members. “Since the start of the club in 2007, we have raised over $15,000 for freedom from hunger,” Teaford said.

Sophomore Gaelyn Walche is the president of DHS Teen Health Awareness club. The purpose of this club is to educate peers and to increase student awareness about teen related health issues in an enjoyable, informal environment.

Walche says she and her members wanted to create a club with information-packed events and lectures which are open to all. “We have started a health awareness lecture series given by Kaiser Permanente doctors and our DHS school nurse,” Walche said.


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