Seniors make the switch

Pete Haws’ sixth period Economics class gets ready to take their last test to mark the end of  their first semester in Economics class. The class will be switching to Kristen Swanstrom’s for US Government second semester. By Danielle Anton, Staff–

Economics and US Government are two classes that seniors must complete in order to graduate from high school, and most students tend to favor one over the other. As the first semester comes to a close, students are getting ready to switch from Economics to US Government or vise versa.

Emma Agruss, a senior at Davis High, took government with Kristen Swanstrom this first semester and will be taking Economics also with Swanstrom again second semester.  “I really liked my class first semester, Mrs. Swanstrom made it more interactive so that we could absorb the material better,” Agruss said.

Even though Agruss enjoyed her US Government class, she is also interested to be starting a new class for her second semester. “I don’t really know anything about economics, but I am looking to see what it is like,” Agruss said.

Cristina Puente, also a senior this year, took Economics first semester with Tracy Stapelton and found it to be very useful. “Economics made me realize how much I wasn’t aware of, I didn’t know how intricate the whole economy is and every little part of it makes up a cycle that runs the nation,” Puente said.

As interested as Puente was in her Economics class, she still has high hopes for her US Government class. “Government should be interesting because I think it will strengthen my knowledge on how the country is run and how policies tie into my previous knowledge on economics,” Puente said.

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