Students manage time and music

Infographic by Nathan Woo. Students like junior Brian Song must manage their time throughout the day.

By Nathan Woo, Staff–

In addition to school and homework, extracurricular activities are a popular way that students spend their time.

Some students go above and beyond, though, and spend incredible amounts of time doing what they love, but musical activities can cut out of time that is needed in order to relax and take time off of the stressful grind.

“I play piano and percussion, and I’m picking up French horn next year,” junior Utsav Bhargava said.

Bhargava dedicates vast amounts of time to learn and to play these instruments, cutting out time that he could use to study or to relax. In order to deal with the stress and work from school and music, Bhargava has to give up certain comforts.“I like to go and watch concerts, but usually I spend my weekends catching up on sleep and the homework that I have,” Bhargava said.

On top of the intensive practicing that he does at home, Bhargava also spends time at school taking music classes. During these classes he practices music and works on his composing.
Due to the large amount of work because of music, Bhargava has to dedicate his weekends to catch up on sleep and homework.

Junior Brian Song works hard to juggle his musical activities with sports and school.

“It’s something I’ve gotten used to, its definitely hard to like coordinate and schedule stuff, because I run cross country and track, I have to manage my interests, which sometimes involves driving from meets directly to san Francisco,” Song said.

Not only does Song play in the Davis high school band, but he also plays with other bands outside of Davis.

“I play the cello for the symphony as Davis high school and I’m also cellist at San Francisco youth symphony,” Song said.

Students who are dedicated to their musical dreams work hard and give up their time to do other things in lieu of music.

Junior Jezreel Real practices piano during lunch for fun and to keep up his skill.
Junior Jezreel Real practices piano during lunch for fun and to keep up his skill.

“[I] go to the library and do homework, go to practice, which usually ends around 5:30- 6, then I go and eat. After that I usually practice for around 40 minutes, then after that it’s all homework […] usually I end up going to sleep at the soonest around 12,” Song said. Song’s rigorous schedule allows for little free time.

Song’s role in the San Francisco youth symphony takes a toll on his Saturdays, not allowing for a lot of free relaxing days.

“I practice for maybe 40 minutes per day depending on how much schoolwork I have and on Saturdays practice is usually from 1-5, which is most of my extracurricular practicing,” Song said.

Students with musical dreams and talent work hard in order to keep up with all of their activities. Whether staying to a strict schedule or cutting out time for other things, dedicated musicians work in order to do what they love.

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