HOMECOMING: Parade reactions

FFA float. Photo credit by Allie Romero.
FFA float. Photo credit by Allie Romero.

By Nathan Koh and Willa Moffatt,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The Davis High homecoming floats rolled to a start at Central Park with a blend of students, teachers, and adults watching on Sept. 26. The combination of the effort in the mythology floats and the overwhelming sea of blue showed how just much school spirit and enthusiasm students have in this annual parade to the viewers.

Along with the usual Homecoming royalty and football players, several clubs and teams made appearances, from the women’s volleyball team in a boat to the FFA chanting as they were pulled by a tractor.

“I think no other city would shut down their streets for this […] I’m pretty partial to the football team but its great to see all the kids come out,” special education department staff member, Ty Brown said.

Among the floats, the Yearbook class participated for the first time in the parade.

“[Yearbook] isn’t something that usually gets represented,” junior Bhavna Kodira said. “We wanted to showcase ourselves.”

Other newcomers to the parade experience are sophomores such as Alyssa Lengtat.

“It was fun to watch,” Lengtat said. “[I liked] seeing [the floats and] the effort that was put into them.” Lengtat said she would come back and watch again next year.

Sophomore Nate Burams thought the parade “had lots of school spirit; there was so much blue.”

“The effort is always great from all classes. The juniors and seniors have learned a lot from their past homecomings,” math teacher Dan Gonzalez said.

However sophomore Matt Kelly did not enjoy one thing about the parade.

“The homecoming was awesome, but the candy sucked,” Kelly said.

As for the women’s tennis team, the parade was not a new experience. They prepared for this year with group shirt making over the weekend.

According to junior Jenna Mould the team spent over two hours together on the weekend getting ready for the parade.“It was a really fun team bonding experience.” Mould said.

The parade was put on by the student government class, and even though there is a specific parade committee, the entire class helped out.

Senior Melissa Herrera, who was not on the committee, was there at the parade to assist in place of the group who were all in the parade.

Herrera credited them for doing a great job.

“It takes a lot of scheduling,” Herrera said.

School spirit was not limited only to the students in the floats but to the viewers showing their appreciation of school spirit for their kids, students, and fellow classmates by wearing blue or simply showing up to watch.

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