Christmas lights brighten holiday season

By Kate Lee and Dylan Lee, Staff–

Christmas lights are a fun Christmas tradition for many families, but some are much more involved with it than others.

Candy Cane Court in Davis was discontinued, but it didn’t stop other houses in Davis from vamping up their Christmas cheer with some impressive light displays of their own.

Davis High Junior Makaila Stritzel’s house has done quite the opposite; they have improved their decorations the past few years. Even though Stritzel doesn’t live in Davis, she and her family have recently stepped up their Christmas spirit to combat the seeming decline in Christmas spirit over the past few years.

“Well, we heard about how Davis and a few other cities were getting rid of their candy cane lanes,” Stritzel said. “So to kind of show our spirit a bit more, we stepped up the intensity of our lights and statues and such on the lawn.”

Junior Mitchell Williams loves Christmas lights and the Christmas season.

“It’s always great when you see the lights start to go up around town,” Williams said. “It kind of signals the coming of the holiday season, which I really love to see.”

Williams celebrates Christmas with his family and he sometimes likes to stop by at some houses and look at their lights and decorations.

“If I see a particularly good-looking house, I might stop to enjoy the lights. And this is only for, like, spectacular houses with music and moving parts, you know?” he said.

Most people really enjoy the holiday season and the festive mood that it brings, but it would not be as authentic without the decorations for all of the different holidays celebrated during the winter.

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