Student government concludes Week of Kindness

Members of student government set up a tent and speakers for the balloon stomp, which was the final event of Week of Kindness.
Members of student government set up a tent and speakers for the balloon stomp, which was the final event of Week of Kindness.

By Chase Rowe, Staff–

Student government’s Week of Kindness took place throughout the week of Feb. 16. The week­long event was designed to bring more positivity to the Davis High campus and cement ties of friendship between DHS students.

Committee head junior Qudsiah Siddiqui says that “there’s a lot of negativity at our school […] this week, we tried to get everyone to be especially kind just to spread positivity.”

Junior class president Teddy Knox added that the goal of Week of Kindness was to “improve the sense of togetherness, community and unity among students at [DHS], and to create events to bring students together and generally make a happier and more kind campus climate.”

Throughout the week, student government sold tie-dye shirts that read “Kindness: Pass it On” during lunch. Additionally, Kindness Grams were sold:­ students could pay to send a rose and a personal message to anyone on the campus, either anonymously or with a name. The Kindness Grams were sold all week, and delivered during student government’s class visits on Friday, Feb. 20.

Knox said that the Grams were his favorite part of the week.

“When I went in and did class visits, the people who received the Kindness Grams seemed really excited. Although they didn’t get as much participation as I would have liked […] I think the few people that they did reach out to really enjoyed it,” Knox said.

Student government also delivered their own Kindness Grams to staff who, according to Siddiqui, had been “noticed as especially kind, or had helped us.”

Student government also made “Free Hugs” shirts to wear on Wednesday, when they set up a “High­Five Highway” in the hallway. Students walking to class were met with cheers and high fives from student government members lined up on both sides of the hallway.

“We also wrote kind little notes and posted them in the bathrooms,” Siddiqui said.

Cookies were also delivered to classrooms by representatives on Wednesday.

The week ended in a balloon stomp event in the Quad during lunch.

“Basically, you just write down [on a balloon] if you have an issue or problem, and you stomp on it,” Siddiqui said.

The balloon stomp was intended to help students release emotions and frustrations.

According to Siddiqui, plans for Week of Kindness began in late December, and student government had been working on it since.

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