“The Liar” opening pleases audience

Photo by Vikstrom.
Students perform “The Liar” on March 6.

By Zoe Vikstrom,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The Davis High Drama Department performed “The Liar,” a play by David Ives, on Saturday, March 6 at the Brunelle Theater.

“The Liar” is a combination of old English dialect and a modern day romantic conflict. The characters search for their significant others while trying to overcome personality flaws. For example, senior William Forkin’s character Dorante must trump his instinct to lie, which gives the play its name.

The characters conquer their views on social status, superficial beauty standards and societal norms to be with the ones they loved. This gives the audience insight on the theme of overcoming challenges that the playwright was trying to show.

The clever script left the audience laughing. Some humorous moments include pop culture references such as Lady Gaga, handwritten messages instead of texts and extravagant handshakes.

Cast members were pleased with the turnout for the first performance.

“The audience size was great, and everyone was very sincere,” Forkin said.

Senior Utsav Bhargave played a character named Geronte, and hopes that future performances go as smoothly as the first one did.

“If the rest of the shows are at the same level, or even better, I think we are good to go,” Utsav said.

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