ALUMNI: Chris Clark

2005 DHS alumnus Chris Clark released his first album “Cedar Wisely” in 2013. (Courtesy photo: C. Clark)

By Bijan Soltani, Staff–

Davis High alumnus Chris Clark is living his lifelong dream as a professional musician on the East Coast. It’s a dream that started at DHS, where Clark was a saxophonist for the Symphonic and Jazz bands, and an accompanist for both Concert and Madrigal choirs.

When Clark isn’t wailing on his Yanagisawa T-992 tenor sax or working on songs for another album to accompany his debut title “Cedar Wisely,” he’s giving lessons at a private studio. Clark has also been a preschool teacher for the past four years.

“I love working with children and the steady income enables me to pursue my own musical interests exclusively,” Clark said.

Playing, teaching and composing is what Clark lives for. His album “Cedar Wisely” is his biggest success to date, released by Vancouver-based label Songline Recordings. Big-time jazz artists Bill Frissel, Dave Douglas and many more have recorded with Songline in the past, so for Clark it was a big achievement.

Clark says dedicating his life to music has been a gradual progression.

“The bigger choice was after graduate school when I decided that I would have a day job instead of trying to make enough money strictly through music,” Clark said.

Clark has many great memories from his time in high school; one in particular stands out.

“My favorite experience while attending DHS was the Madrigal Choir trip to Australia my junior year, the first year I was the accompanist for the group,” Clark said.

Adam Jenkins, Clark’s old sax teacher, is very proud of Clark and his new album.

“I’m very impressed with his new album ‘Cedar Wisely,'” Jenkins said. “His playing is very mature and his command of the saxophone and the modern style of playing is really first-class.”

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