Men’s lacrosse downs Jesuit 12-7 on Break the Record Night

By Tarin McMorrow, Staff–

A flash of white and blue jerseys jumped into the air and an excited crowd applauded in the background as the final whistle blew, securing the Davis High men’s lacrosse team’s 12-7 win over longtime rival Jesuit on Tuesday, April 19.

The loudspeaker music from the team’s warm-up on Break the Record Night could have been heard across the campus, but the stadium was soon quiet at the start of the game as four members of the Madrigal choir, including lacrosse team captain and junior Liam Condon, walked onto the field to carry out a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

“I think the performance went pretty well,” Condon said. “It was rewarding to sing at my own game and I actually got a few compliments from the Jesuit players after the game.”

The game started moments after, and the Devils burst out of the gate with determination; junior Aidan Mager scored the first goal less than three minutes into the first quarter. Mager scored a second time in the first quarter in addition to his two later assists.

In the last few minutes of the second quarter, Davis managed to steal ahead of Jesuit, closing the first half with a 4-3 lead. The Davis Youth Lacrosse players crowded the field at the half to shoot at the cage and practice throwing to one another; they were excited to shake the hands of the older players as the varsity team came back onto the field.

Senior Justin Reno coaches some of the youth players and said it was a great experience for him to see them all at the game supporting the high school team.

“At the end of the first half I scored and all the kids behind the net were going crazy, and it was great to see them feeding off that energy and for us to play off of that and come out winning was pretty awesome,” Reno said.

The DHS dance team made an appearance at the game as well, entertaining the crowd during the 10-minute halftime period.

Juniors Sean Gellen and Rowan Hart both managed to compile hat tricks by the end of the game. The Devils played strong all around, relentlessly pressuring the Marauders until the very end.

“The boys were confident, they played as a team, they worked real hard,” head coach Nick Juri said. “I’m really proud of them tonight.”

“The biggest thing was our need to bounce back after last Thursday against Granite Bay where we really didn’t come out well, and to see this bounce back and have that confidence restored so quickly is awesome,” Juri added. “That just shows the character of this team.”

Reno hopes that the team will not play Jesuit again this season, because he says Break the Record Night was a great way to end the rivalry.

“To end my high school career playing Jesuit on my home field with that kind of crowd was a great feeling altogether, and to close out like that I think would be be a good way to go,” he said.

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