Varsity tennis team wins first match

Senior and No. 1 singles player Lauren Duan aces her serve. Duan was the last singles match that day.
Senior and No. 1 singles player Lauren Duan aces her serve. Duan was the last singles match that day.

By Annie Cui, Staff,

The women’s varsity tennis team dominated the courts against Monterey Trail on Tuesday, Sept. 6, winning 9-0 at their first match of the season. All of the six singles players won their first two sets.

The Blue Devils came into the courts with confidence, which explains why the team was able to pull up members to play rankings higher than usual and try new doubles combinations.

Noticeably absent from the games were sophomore Lillian Okamoto, usually No. 1, and Holmes Junior High freshman Lyna Jiang, usually number No. 2.

“It was nice to have Lilian and Lyna rest after a long, competitive weekend in San Luis Obispo,” coach Sally Hosley said.

The first singles player to finish was No. 6 player junior Demi Schwartz. She was victorious in under 40 minutes with the score 6-1 and 6-1.

“I usually play doubles but I felt good about my game today. My volleys were good,” Schwartz said.

The No. 1 singles player of the match, senior Lauren Duan, won 6-1 and 6-4.  Her opponent was often unable to return her fierce serves and forehands.

“I’ve been struggling with my game this season, but I’m working through it now,” Duan said.

Teammate sophomore Danielle Bollinger normally plays No. 6 singles but advanced to No. 4 singles for this match. She presented her skill by winning 6-0 and 6-0. Although she was victorious, Bollinger claims she played only “half-way decent.”

No. 3 doubles players sophomores Julia Pan and Jade Lundy won 6-3 and 6-3. Despite the fact that they are both new to the team and Lundy was playing with an injured ankle, the two had excellent communication and teamwork.

“Jade and I played really well and strongly together. I learned how to strategize and the importance of communication,” Pan said.

The team is playing their second match against Elk Grove on Sept. 8.

“They will be more competitive but I am confident in our players,” Hosley said.

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