Women’s volleyball team scores second win

PHOTO: The Davis High women’s volleyball team is in position to attack a serve.

By Soraya Fattahi,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Even with its slow start to the season, the Davis High women’s volleyball team was able to pull through with a solid win against Will C. Wood at home on Sept. 4, boosting its record to 2-3.

The game began with clapping and cheering rituals that can only be seen at home games from both the parents and the players.

Before every home game, the players write down their personal goals on their wrists to remind themselves of what they need to do during the game in order to help the team succeed.

“We mainly write down things we want to focus on during the game,” junior Emma Thompson said. “I put ‘be smart’ so [I] have smart placement with the ball, and I feel like in the game I tried to execute that as well as possible.” 

Powerful attacks from the back row came from players such as Thompson, senior Lindsey Su and juniors Emily Wells and Grace Heringer. The Lady Blue Devils dominated the first match, winning 25-12. 

Wood came back quickly during the second game, causing a bit of a scare, but DHS came back in full swing, winning the match by 25-21. 

Possession was equal between the two teams throughout the game, but it was clear to see that the Lady Blue Devils were the more offensive team, with Wood mostly just deflecting Davis’ attacks.  

“It was just a lot of back-and-forth and it was really nerve-wracking, but we eventually won,” Wells said.

The third match was full of eager game play with rallies that had the audience on the edge of their seats, cheering constantly. It ended with the Devils securing a 25-19 victory of the match–and the game.

“Our season was kind of a rough start but it wasn’t bad, but I think we’ve definitely improved and I’m really excited to see how the season goes from here,” Wells said.

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