OPINION: Winter comfort food comes from home

In-N-Out is a California based chain that serves burgers, fries, and milkshakes.
In-N-Out is a California based chain that serves burgers, fries and milkshakes.

By Irem Sogutlugil,
BlueDevilHUB.com Editor–

As the weather outside gets frightful, people are resorting to comfort food as a break from the cold. Luckily, Davis has a large variety of places to eat.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, comfort food typically holds a nostalgic or sentimental value for the consumer and is usually high in sugar or carbohydrates.

Crepeville is a local counter-serve chain with a menu that ranges from sweet crepes to savory house potatoes and sandwiches.

Situated in the heart of Davis, the restaurant holds a homey vibe that anyone will find tranquilizing.

“The Crepeville potatoes are my guilty pleasure. I would definitely consider them to be one of my top comfort foods,” senior Kianna Vargas said.

Vargas goes to Crepeville regularly for heartwarming food. In addition to the house potatoes, she also rates the Nutella and strawberry crepes high on her list of comfort food.

In-N-Out is a California-based burger chain that also holds a comforting quality to its food. Living in Davis makes it easy for In-N-Out to become a staple meal in any household.

Whether it is a warm summer day or a cold rainy evening, In-N-Out is sure to provide my family with a meal that will satisfy our cravings for comfort food.

Chef manager at The California Farm Bureau in Sacramento, Dave Cannata, has his own definition of comfort food.

“Comfort food almost seems homemade, something you would have as a family or something your mom might have made for you. Something filling that makes you feel warm and feel good after you eat it,” Cannata said.

Cannata enjoys cooking comfort food for his family and regularly makes chicken pot pies and different types of soups.

“I truly believe comfort food comes from home, hence the word ‘comfort,’ ” Cannata said.

Although Davis has a variety of comfort food restaurants to choose from, Cannata is correct to say that the best comfort food comes from home.

Any meal made by a family member will have a stronger sentimental value than one made by a chef in a restaurant. The most comfort is often found in the place where most time is spent with family, which is usually at home.

If someone is looking for food that will provide them with a nostalgic or sentimental feeling, they should look no further than their own home.

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