Davis High holds Open House

Juniors Shekinah Prewett, Kyra Labbe-Renault and Reed LeBlanc engage in a conversation about the human body.

By Maggie Warren and Vera Resendez, Staff–

Davis High’s open house took place on Thursday, February 23, 2017. It is a yearly function that allows the public to gain further information, and get an idea of the entrails of a variety of Davis High classes.

Some students make attending open house a priority, whereas others believe they can do more important things with their time.

“It’s hard to make time for open house when you have other priorities,” said sophomore Weston Lyons.

However, this is not always the case. Open house is helpful for students because “I get to show my parents what my classes are like,” according to Lyons.

Incoming sophomores are the students who know the least about Davis High and make up the majority of open house attendees. Many of the people that attend open house are incoming sophomores that want to figure out their schedule for next year.

Since the majority of their audience is incoming sophomores, teachers try to make open house a fun and interactive experience for current freshmen as well as the common curious and concerned parent.

Nicolas Salcedo had his students sing songs in Spanish, both to offer some extra credit for his students, and advertise the Spanish classes that Davis High has to offer.

Salcedo wasn’t the only one who wanted to engage his audience. Sherrie Sandberg, the Chemistry in the Community and Zoology and Botany teacher, had an interactive lab where students could demonstrate how to turn a penny a gold color.

The student government class also offered inexpensive goodies to satisfy the hunger of many families. Many families walked away informed and satisfied.

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