REVIEW: “Baywatch” is a maybe watch

“Baywatch” is comedic, but not much else.

By Lauren Keck, Staff–

If it has Zach Efron in it, I’m there. Other than having good-looking people running on the beach, this movie wasn’t award-winning by any means.

Directed by Seth Gordon, “Baywatch” mixes comedy and action to illustrate an unrealistic life of a devoted lifeguard.

Two time Olympian gold medalist for swimming, Matt Brody (Zach Efron) joins Mitch Buchanan’s (Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson) life guarding squad as a form of community service as punishment for being a party-er. Though they are just lifeguards, they take on a role of investigative police to solve a drug problem that has hit the beach.

The movie takes after the television show also called “Baywatch,” but adds a lot of adult humor. Every scene involves a joke of some sort. This movie is definitely a comedy, with hardly any serious notes to it. Just like the show, the female lifeguards are still wearing pretty revealing swimsuits. Perfect for life saving though, right?

“Baywatch” included a lot of primitive or crude humor, but it kept the audience laughing the entire time. The flow of comedy never seemed to stop.

Baywatch’s humor could be compared to the type of comedy used in the movie “Bad Grandpa” with quite a bit of inappropriate jokes and some cussing.

Throughout the movie there was a message of teamwork, one of the only semi-serious topics portrayed. The only way for them to all succeed was for them to work together as a team. Matt Brady’s character journeys from being selfish and independent to being a team player and someone the other characters could call family.

This movie is perfect if you want to laugh without thinking too hard. “Baywatch” also creates the message that the most unexpected team can end up being the most successful.

If you find yourself bored and wanting to laugh at quick humor, it’s perfect. If you’re looking for something inspiring or deep, skip it.

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