Chokers coming back into style

By Irem Sogutlugil, Staff–

Senior Nina Langley wears a choker to keep up with current fashion trends (I. Sogutlugil).

In recent months, chokers have made a comeback in the fashion world. Chokers are most commonly associated with the 90’s grunge era but according to the National Jeweler, they have been around since early civilization.

Women first began wearing chokers as a form of protection and power; they are still worn for similar reasons.

“Chokers are back in style because they have the ability to add a bit of edge and rebellion to an individual’s look,” said vice president of the Student Fashion Association at UC Davis, Christina Hampp.

Wearing a choker can make someone feel more confident because they are going against the norm of, for example, wearing a regular length necklace.

“A choker has the ability to tie an outfit together. Instead of the look ending at the top of the wearer’s blouse, shirt, or dress, it continues the style all the way to the neck,” Hampp said.

Female winner of the “Best Dressed” mock election award, Skyler Conner is an advocate for the choker trend. “Everything cool comes back around,” Conner said.

She believes a choker is very versatile and can be worn with, “a super casual outfit or with a really dressy one.”

Celebrities like Emma Stone, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian have helped to bring chokers back into style in the past year.

ASOS fashion company caught on to the trend and began selling men’s chokers in addition to women’s chokers, in January.

The company was criticized by some who said chokers were not meant for men to wear. However, others were glad to see men included in current fashion trends.

“We often see only women wearing chokers but they should not be limited to men. Anyone can wear a choker to add an extra element to their outfit,” Conner said.


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