Student uses summer to stay academically active

By Annie Mitchell, Molly Burke & Kate Macaulay, Staff–

Sophomore Arvind Ramakrishnan took a three month online AP U.S. History course which he started in early May. The website,,  aims to help students that struggle in school as well as students like Ramakrishnan that look to get ahead.

The online course appealed to Ramakrishnan because he wanted to get the APUSH course out of the way in order to focus on math and science during his junior year.

“I figure if I did it over the summer, that could eliminate a lot of the stress I have,” Ramakrishnan said.

Additionally, this summer he participated in the UC Davis COSMOS program. Ramakrishnan had to begin his APUSH studies at the end of his sophomore year to complete the course in time.

Despite the fact that he had to devote time to his APUSH studies while still in school, Ramakrishnan said it was not hard to balance school with the course as long as he did not procrastinate too much.

“It’s a lot of writing,” Ramakrishnan said. “I don’t know if it’s less work than the actual class, but it’s pretty good because it means I’ll have less work next year.”

Davis High history teacher Kevin Williams has been teaching APUSH for 24 years.

Williams believes that his class is more than just a grade because it improves students’ analytical and writing skills which are worth more in life than getting A’s.

In Williams’ APUSH course, lessons entail in-depth lectures, powerpoints, class discussions and quizzes.

“My personal belief is that you don’t get that with an online course,” Williams said.

Williams’ class also prepares students to take the AP test, but the exam is not a requirement. Ramakrishnan is planning on taking the AP test along with other DHS students even though he will have finished his online course almost a year before the test.

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