Students express school pride with Walking Dead Wednesday

Spanish teacher Janice Candelario and her class dressed up in their “pijamas” for Spirit Week. (Photo: L. Limburg)

By Lance Prussel, Staff–

Davis High students showed their school pride in today’s Walking Dead Wednesday by wearing their pajamas to school. 

Sophomore Lia Elms was one of many students to dress up for the Spirit Day. 

Elms thought that there was a good turnout of people wearing pajamas.

“I think I saw a lot of people in pajamas, and some people went all out,” said Elms.

Sophomore Ally Yoo believes it is important to participate in Spirit Days.

“[It is important] to show support to your school and to also support upcoming events,” Yoo said.

Yoo thought that today’s Spirit Day was a success for DHS. Along with Elms, Yoo saw a lot of students participating in this school-wide event.

Now DHS will get ready for tomorrow’s Spirit Day: Every Witch Way (Mismatch Day).     

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