Campus security keeps DHS safe

By Joey Voss, Staff–

As the students of Davis High chow down on their lunch and jabber to one another about their day, a man cruises through the campus on a golf cart, protecting and watching over the students.

Mark Merritt, cruising in his golf cart, stops to help a FedEx man wandering around campus. With a kind smile and a friendly greeting, Merritt tells the man where he can deliver his supplies to. The two go on with their days and the problem is solved.

Helping the FedEx man find his way was definitely a flashback for Merritt because he worked for UPS for 33 years before being a campus supervisor.

“I decided to leave UPS because things were changing and they were tough to adjust to,” Merritt said.

So, Merritt decided to collect a pension and move onto another job .

The change in jobs has worked out smoothly and Merritt is more than happy with DHS, especially the people that illuminate a smile on his face each and every day.

Merritt monitors the boundaries of the school and sends people to the office who do not belong on campus. This is a very important part of the job.

“The campus supervisors are the eyes and ears for the administration,” Merritt said.

During classes, Merritt monitors the campus and makes his presence known.

“We ask students that are wandering around for passes,” Merritt said. “We check the restrooms and survey the perimeter.”

During lunch, Merritt watches over the lunch line in the quad and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

The relationship Merritt holds with his fellow campus safety employees is very special to him as well.

“We look out for each other,” Merritt said. “I don’t know if I’d stick with it if I didn’t enjoy my coworkers so much.”

As much as Merritt loves his coworkers, it is the students of Davis High that keep him going.

“My favorite part of the job is my interactions with the students,” Merritt said. “We are here for them, if somebody breaks their leg and needs a ride we’ll give them one.”

Merritt’s love for the students reflects on the student body enormously.

“[Merritt’s] a great guy and is great at supervising the school,” said Joe Vogel, a longtime friend and neighbor.

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