DHS parking lot drivers experience stampede

Davis High students drive cars with all different makes and models. (Illustration: S. Perry)

By Shannon Perry,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Every day since sophomore Crystal Kerner has had her driving license, she has driven herself to school, immersing herself in the chaos caused by the stampede of students speeding to and from school.

“High schoolers seem to like their horns quite a lot and aren’t that great at taking turns when there is a line to go out to the stop sign. It causes a traffic jam back through the rows of parking so I can’t really back out,” Kerner said.

Rather than join the maze of drivers in the afternoon, Kerner prefers to patiently wait in her mom’s blue Toyota Highlander listening to the radio, specifically NPR.

Other student drivers like junior Jillian Fahey have observed the traffic worsen as the school year goes on.

Fahey attributes this to the increasing number of licensed sophomores and tries to get around the traffic by parking in the smaller stadium parking lot.

“I don’t like how big the big lot is and it’s filled with big truck guys and people aren’t as careful about their cars,” Fahey said.

Standing at the side of the street, crossing guard Sandy Seltzer spoke about the swelling number of sophomore drivers.

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