Badminton edges rival Armijo

The top eight singles players for each team started off the match.

By Claire Stevens, Staff–

Davis High’s badminton team took down Armijo 8-7 on March 21 in the North Gym.

The close game was an important one for the Devils as Armijo has been the largest threat to their league victory so far.

Badminton, unlike other sports, is a quiet game. There is no cheering allowed, as junior Shayleigh Thompson reminded the crowd before the start of the game, so only the sound of rackets hitting and birdies whizzing through the air filled the gym.

The score was tight all the way through as first the top eight singles played and then the top seven doubles teams.

Junior Katie Killmer won her match alongside partner junior Sara Ludden.

“It feels good to win because this is such an important match,” Killmer said.

“Right now we’re tied 5-5, so it’s a close game,” Killmer added as she watched the final few doubles teams wrap up their matches.

Though the competitive spirit was clear in the looks of determination on players’ faces, the atmosphere remained friendly. “Nice shot,” many of the girls say after their opponent scores on them.

Juniors Katie Killmer and Sara Ludden hold their positions as they prepare for Armijo’s incoming shot.

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