College costs differ around the world


By Summer Tran, Staff–

The differences in college costs vary all over the world. A majority of the students in the U.S. aspire to become admitted undergraduates of some of the most prestigious schools and many others wish to study abroad.

Senior Chase Lee was born and raised in Seoul, Korea until the second grade. Although he is planning to attend a California State University or travelto Arizona, he notes that Seoul National University would have been one of his top choices as it is for a number of scholars in the country.

With an acceptance rate of 20 percent, the average tuition fee per semester at SNU is $6,000, which is issued twice a year before the spring and fall semesters. This estimate varies depending on the intended major and number of credits a student is planning to take.

The university does not have differentiated costs for current residents or international students, but it does have specific admission requirements for foreign students, including proof of language proficiency in English or Korean.

Wesley Young, the Director of Services of International Students and Scholars at UCD, does not see American and foreign universities as equivalent choices. He currently has a son who is in his second year at UC San Diego and a son who graduated from UCSD last year.

“I believe that the education they have received was worth what it took in money and hard work,” Young said. The estimated basic budget for undergraduates living on campus at UCSD is $30,450 and $59,109 for out-of-state tuition.

Its acceptance rate is around 34 percent and around 25 to 75 percent of its incoming freshmen had earned a 4.04 to a 4.48 grade point average. Compared to SNU, UCSD has a higher expectation for international students as its website indicates the need to meet the requirements of English proficiency, secondary and testing requirements.

However, the Universidad De Guadalajara has the same procedures for local and foreign students; the acceptance rate is around 38 percent. The registration fee is $1,000 every six months.

“They are competitive, education is good, and many graduate,” said senior Nayeli Rios, whose sister attends college in Mexico. The university has calculated that the average cost of hosting, food, and local transport for students would be at least $500 per month.

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