Girl Scouts distribute cookies

By Kate Macaulay, Staff–

In an average year, Girl Scouts all over the U.S. sell approximately 200 million boxes of cookies, making about $800 million, according to

At this time of year most sales have ended, and Davis High Girl Scouts are now busy distributing boxes they sold.

This year, junior Nellie Cox sold 80 boxes, and junior Jenna Christensen sold 195 boxes. The money both of them raised by selling the 12 varieties of cookies is going towards their troop’s senior trip next summer.

As most troops disband by high school, according to Cox, her troop is excitedly planning for its senior trip–a Caribbean cruise–which is keeping troop members more involved.

The Girl Scouts mission is to: “build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place,” according to Cox and Christensen have embraced that through troop fundraising, activities and fun events and choosing to continue Girl Scouts through high school.

For Cox, the main appeal of continuing with Girl Scouts is the relationships she built within her troop. “For me, I still do Girl Scouts to be with my friends, we’re all really close and we’ve been in the same group since first grade,” Cox said.

Junior Nellie Cox hands a customer a box of cookies.

Similarly, Christensen also enjoys the time spent with her troop, especially at fun events such as sleepovers. “We would stay up late talking and then go jump on the trampoline late at night,” Christensen said.

Christensen first joined Girl Scouts when her mom and another mom decided to start and lead a troop together, and has been a part of the organization ever since.

Both girls have worked hard to do their best for their troop and community. “Being a Girl Scout seems easy, but the gold and silver awards are very difficult to get,” Christensen said, wanting to break the stigma that often surrounds Girl Scouts.

Overall, Christensen and Cox are both glad they chose to remain active in Girl Scouts and continue their troop through high school. “It’s not something that I’d say defines me in any way but it’s really a lot of fun and I’m glad my troop is still together,” Cox said.

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