Bruch teaches with “fairy dust”

By Averi Brayton, Staff–

Though Sci Fi and drama teacher Gwyneth Bruch dreamed of becoming an actress as a child, she eventually learned that teaching was the perfect path for her.

She began teaching at an elementary school as a sixth grade teacher. When Bruch heard of an opening at DHS for a drama and decided to apply for the job. Eventually, she began working as an English teacher.

Bruch’s enthusiasm for teaching stemmed from her caring for all of her students.

“I have so much passion for teaching […] I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t come to school every day and see my students,” Bruch said.

Senior Claire Inouye loves Bruch’s teaching style in her Sci Fi class.

“She makes her classroom extremely accepting […] she is such an amazing woman who actually cares about you,” Inouye said.

Inouye believes that Bruch’s compassion leads to a classroom environment that expresses how much she cares.

“The environment is so welcoming, which gives you space to express yourself,” Inouye said.

Another student in her senior English class that focuses on science fiction writing, senior Nate Ade, recognizes that Bruch’s personality makes the class itself more fun and engaging.

“Well Mrs. Bruch has a lot of energy and a funny attitude which makes everyday interesting,” Ade said.

Bruch likes to use unique and fun anecdotes in her curriculum to make the class more entertaining and to keep it light. She hopes to be able to motivate her students to work hard by giving some insight into her experiences.

One aspect of her classes that separates hers from the rest is her unique warm up. Prior to lectures, Bruch takes her entire class outside to stretch and walk around the building. Students find the warm up a relieving break amidst the craze of normal classes.

Ade also enjoys Bruch’s traditions, like sprinkling her magic powder around before exams. The powder, while not actual glitter or magic, is a yet another special aspect Bruch adds to her class.

“My favorite part of the class is getting fairy dust before every quiz or test,” Ade said.

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