Seniors prepare new clothes for college

PHOTO: High school seniors moving to a cold climate for college have to account for snowy weather when buying and packing clothes for their new wardrobe.

By Viktoria Anderson, Staff–

Packing for college can be a daunting task for incoming freshmen, even more so for those moving out of state where change in climate is an additional factor. The West coast to East coast transition is challenging for Californians not accustomed to below freezing weather.

Alumnus Zoe Garcia moved to Minnesota last fall to St. Olaf College and was a little concerned with how she could incorporate her style in the snowy climate. Her love for spring dresses worked perfectly in California weather, but she had to adapt since her move.

“Learn to get creative with warm weather accessories,” Garcia said. “Reusing summer dresses by pairing them with tights, booties and knit sweaters for example.”

She recommends investing in a more expensive coat that is stylish yet warm since you will need it for at least the next four years. Her other tips include wearing blanket scarves and embracing woolen accessories, such as mittens, scarfs and hats.

In an article for lifestyle magazine Society 19, college student Julia Hughes emphasizes the importance of having a variety of basics in order to have many comfortable and warm options for daily school life. Various styles of denim jeans, plain colored tops and fleece leggings are a few of her suggestions.

In Hughes’s experience, having a professional outfit and day-to-night outfit are very useful as college life can be last minute in terms of invitations to parties, interviews and occasions.

“It’s a good idea to keep a day-to-night piece in your college wardrobe for these occasions,” Hughes wrote. “… just switch from flats to heels and add a cute necklace and you’re done!”

When wearing dresses in the cold, Garcia prefers wearing coats that reaches past her knees so her outfit is fully covered while outside. This is her version of a day-to-night look Minnesota version- same, sturdy coat on the outside, endless options (dresses in Garcia’s case) for underneath.

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