REVIEW: John Wick 3 sticks with series’ style

By Jaspreet Baath, Editor–

Although “John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum” introduces several different concepts and characters in the newest addition to the John Wick series, it also possesses the same captivatingly unique qualities from previous films.

The movie picks up where the series left off with John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, fleeing for his life while New York City assassins chase him. The protagonist’s journey across continents introduces new characters in addition to developing Wick’s own personality.

Overall, the movie is a great addition to the series. Even though it is the third one, it manages to maintain a fresh and exciting feeling throughout the story.

Rather than zoning in on complex action scenes, “John Wick 3” focuses on the untangling of Wick’s past. This prioritization helps the audience relate to Wick.

“John Wick 3” also expands its cinematic universe by taking the fight out of New York City to international land as Wick fled to Morocco. This allowed guest stars such as Halle Berry and Saiid Taghmaoui to reveal additional information about the past of Wick and the reason for his secluded lifestyle.

Because neither the sequel nor third movie was originally planned, gaps in the story were bound to appear as there was information that was initially not necessary.

However, the third movie does an excellent job on filling in the audience on loopholes, such as where Wick received his training and what caused him to be so feared. By adding and developing new characters, the movie also still feels new and engaging to the audience.

The trip to Morocco and the involvement of the High Table hint towards a continued expansion of the John Wick universe in future movies. New locations, characters and unfinished exchanges are something that can be built on in the future, leaving the audience anticipating how they will come into play later.

While many new things were added to “John Wick 3,” it still did an excellent job on maintaining the action and adventure that the fans loved in the first two movies.

The maintenance of realistic battle scenes, fundamental for this action movie series, were impressively executed due to the work the actors did with military professionals.    

Additionally, the unique cinematic angles ensured that each scene had an original feeling to it. Instead of viewing common action scenes, the audience can see each cut from a new point of view with rapid back and forth action. The movie’s transition from a city to a desert environment made the fights seem even more unique and entertaining.

With the fourth John Wick movie planned to be released in 2021, we can only wait to see how the story will be expanded and hope that the many points addressed will come back into play.

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