How to find a place to eat lunch

By Allyson Kang, Priscilla Lee and Renee Xiang, Staff–

Brand new teachers. Numerous unknown classmates. One large, unfamiliar, blue-and-white campus. 

If you’re a student coming to Davis High school for the first time, it can be intimidating to find your own place to eat on campus. However, lunchtime is “a time to relax and participate in our many clubs, well as in lunchtime activities, which we are planning to expand next year,” as Principal Tom McHale said.

Whether you’re a nervous sophomore on your first day of school or an exhausted senior looking for a new spot, here is some advice on how to find your place to eat lunch at DHS: 

Find a club

Principal McHale encourages students looking for a friend group to “consider joining a club where you can make friends with a common interest and eat lunch together.” 

Most clubs meet once every week or every other week. These meetings allow students to befriend others like them, and also help demonstrate their interest for colleges. 

If you want to become a doctor, you can sign up for the Pre Med Club. If you enjoy listening to K-pop, you can find other fans at the South Korean Culture Club. If you’re looking for free help with chemistry, you can find tutors at the MAST Club. 

Students looking for clubs relating to their interests can find a list of them here. If you want to start a new club, you can ask for a club form in the All Student Center. 

Go to the All Student Center

The building’s construction was completed in 2018 with the goal of having a place open for all students. Now, it’s seen as one of the nicest spots on campus. 

Many new students decide to eat lunch at the tables in the ASC because the cafeteria, the career center and a pair of bathrooms are all inside the building.

“A lot of people don’t like eating outside and since the ASC has designated lunchtime spots that are up for grabs, lots of friend groups can count on meeting at the ASC to eat,” junior Anne Zhao said.

Locate an open classroom

However, “the all student center isn’t big enough for all the students, so students still need places to go,” as chemistry teacher David Van Muyden said.

That’s why Van Muyden opened his classroom, room S-09, to “students all by themselves eating lunch” or looking for class tutoring from MAST.

And all around campus, certain teachers open up their classrooms to students who want to eat lunch inside. In addition to the advantage of having a designated area to eat lunch in all types of weather, eating inside a classroom allows students to bond further with their teachers. 

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