Seasonal changes bring new fashion selection

PHOTO: Pinkadot is selling items with warmer material and thicker layers, including soft jackets and sweaters, as temperatures drop for fall.

By Lyah Fitzpatrick, Editor–

As autumn’s cool breeze scatters red-tinged leaves, it sweeps new styles into Davis clothing shops. No matter what type of customers a store intends to attract, a shift in their fashion aesthetic is vital as the seasons change.

One Davis stylist shop, The Wardrobe, is owned by style activator Heather Caswell. Filling in for Caswell, former Neiman Marcus buyer Kati Cole emphasizes the significant influence of seasons on fashion. “Clothing hits The Wardrobe, or any store, before the weather changes […] it’s amazing,” Cole said.

The Wardrobe most often dresses adult women searching for a formal, well put together look, according to Cole. Even while featuring unique designer pieces from Canada and the U.S., the shop still bases its clothing inventory off of seasonal changes.

In the fall, the store focuses “more on layers: pants, vests, tops, sweaters, kind of a mix and match concept.”

Similarly, Pinkadot is a casual Davis women’s boutique whirling into the cooler season with an assortment of new items. 

There is a personal aspect Pinkadot maintains with its customers, and shop buyers consider their customers’ preferences when choosing new styles, according to store associate Hannah Doerksen. In turn, clothing sold at Pinkadot provide an idea of this year’s everyday fall clothing trends.

“[There are] more layers, more accessories, scarves, beanies,” Doerksen said. She also claims “Leopard [prints] are still going strong, yellow mustard, ruby red….”

However, with high prices and limited items, The Wardrobe and Pinkadot do not attract large numbers of Davis High students. Instead, students turn to larger franchises for trendy autumn clothes.

Junior Clare Weinstock notes that oversized polo shirts, pencil skirts and thin knit sweaters from Brandy Melville are popular this year. Weinstock also mentions the casual component of high school fall fashion.

“Sweater weather means everyone has an excuse to wear hoodies,” Weinstock said.

Junior Georgia Sachs agrees Brandy Melville has a variety of trendy autumn clothing. She’s also found good pieces thrifting at stores or on the thrifting platform Depop. 

“People are trying to bring back the style of the 90s and 80s. It’s considered vintage and that is what the people want,” Sachs said. 

Among various clothing groups, skater clothing rolls with the seasons as well. Jacob Starnes, owner of the Davis Vault Board Shop, has noticed alterations connected to fall. Although skate materials line one wall of the shop, racks of clothes cover the center ground.

“I would say […] more neutral tones are the most popular ones right now,” Starnes said. Later, he added, “As it gets colder: beanies, jackets, sweatshirts, that sorta thing.”

Although an abundance of new pieces arrive in the new season, what’s important is how parts are put together.

“It’s all about mixing and matching,” Cole said.

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