The winter season brings about new wardrobe ideas

By Sarah Griffiths,

BlueDevilHUB Staff–

Winter is the season to bring out the outerwear, play with color and add chic layers. From hats to footwear, here are the trends of 2019 that are sure to keep you warm yet fashionable.


Beanies are the ultimate classic winter accessories. They are a great way to keep your ears and head warm while still looking fashionable. A hat is the perfect way to add an unexpected pop of color or personality to your winter ensemble.

“I try to still dress stylish while trying to keep warm so beanies are great for that,” senior Rolando Medina said.


Chunky sweaters are making a comeback with their slight dimensional look complete with braided or ribbed details, perfect to throw on over leggings for a comfy but stylish outfit.

“They are the perfect thing to keep you warm when you hop out of bed in the morning,” junior Caroline Brennan said.

Fuzzy sweaters, also known as eyelash knit sweaters, have amazing texture that can take any outfit to the next level. According to Elle magazine, you should pair a bold sweater with a pair of black jeans to make your outfit pop.

Keep it cozy by layering long sleeved turtlenecks under your favorite graphic tee, adding some mom jeans and your favorite chain necklace to live out your punk fantasies. 

Sad that you can’t wear your cute summer tank tops anymore? Layer them over a turtleneck to bring back a little bit of sun during those gloomy days.


Teddy coats are often considered the socially acceptable way to wear your softest blanket out in the brisk mornings. The over-sized, fit and fuzzy, shaggy material makes the coat the perfect outerwear staple that feels as soft, warm and plush as it looks. 

“I wear lots of jackets through all seasons, but I’m very hyped to get to actually wear them this winter season,” Medina said.

A sleeping bag can masquerade as a puffer coat. Whether it be a bold color or fun animal pattern, these marshmallow-like jackets are the ideal insulated piece of outerwear. 

Senior Hudson Garland recommends the North Face puffer jacket. “Their puffer jackets are super good quality and keep you warm. They also have cool patterns,” he said.


Implement some grunge into your outfit with Doc Marten boots. The chunky soled boots remain durable in the cold weather and offer some attitude to your ’90s aesthetic. 

“They make me feel powerful,” junior Susannah Costella said.

Pair the boots with some wool socks, and your toes with be safe from the biting cold of winter.

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