Spoke magazine expands online, promotes student creativity

PHOTO: Senior Omina Ali, an avid photographer, holds her previous Spoke submissions. 

By Sarah Kim,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Davis High’s Spoke magazine is taking a different route than previous years; the literary and art magazine is eliminating themes and accepting art created with new mediums. It is also opening entirely online for the first time.

With distance learning, Spoke will not be distributing the magazine in print but will instead have a website with all the current submissions as well as past works. In order to adapt to the website format, Spoke will do rolling submissions, meaning that it will accept submissions anytime and they will be posted in the order they are received.

The website will be divided by medium, such as art, photos and writings, for easy access. 

Submissions for Spoke are expanded this year to include drawings, paintings, photos, poetry, prose, short films, music and even dance videos. 

“Since we are doing digital, we do not have a print deadline or page limit so the platform allows more artists and writers to show their voices,” said Lisa Wang, the Communications and Business Editor.

Spoke will advertise about the magazine on social media, while also contacting artistic communities and notifying English and art teachers at DHS. 

They also plan to provide new opportunities for students with workshops, scholarships and competitions. Wang also mentioned the possibility of combining the website edition and physical copy in the future. 

Alex Herrera, Spoke’s art and photo editor, says the goal for Spoke is to give different opportunities to artists at DHS. 

“We want to help people be seen and able to express themselves on a larger platform,” Herrera said. 

“Davis is a very STEM-oriented community so we want to show our creative side,” said Sofia Kaplin, Spoke’s Art and Photo Editor. 

If interested in submitting a piece of literature or art to Spoke, email them at spokesubmissions100@gmail.com and the editors will give feedback as soon as possible. 

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