Favorite memories of the year

Students sign yearbooks during passing period. They share the memories they have had at DHS.
Students sign yearbooks during passing period. They share the memories they have had at DHS.

By Krystal Lau and Linda Su,

Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

As the school year comes to a close, students take a break from their busy lives to reflect on favorite memories at DHS. These recollections span from specific moments such as fun classes to more general aspects of high school like making new friends.

High school has its privileges, and many students feel that the best aspects of DHS are things that junior high was unable to offer.

Sophomore Jasmin Portilo appreciates the new freedom she gained upon entering high school. Portilo enjoyed hanging out with her friends during lunch and driving to restaurants that were nearby.

“Open campus was a really cool experience; that was probably the best part,” Portilo said.

The various end-of-the-year celebrations also are a cause for excitement. Sophomore Colin Unger lists Lili Floyd’s retirement party as his best memory at Davis High. The party included food, games and appreciation cards. Students had a fun time hanging out and recollecting their fun times with Floyd.

Senior Ladislas Etzol found that his most memorable experience was in a highly infamous class. Etzol appreciated taking AP US History because of the teacher and his love for learning.

“APUSH with Mr. Williams because he was such a fun teacher and I love history and he made it even more fun,” Etzol said.

The social aspect of high school was also definite high point for many students.

Sophomore Maggie White found the larger numbers of students attending high school exhilarating and new.  She thought that she was able to meet new people because she was not confined to her junior high crowd.

“Probably the first day was my favorite memory. It was just exciting to come here and be at a big school and not know as many people because then I can make new friends,” White said.

Similarly, sophomores Brendan Deas and Liam Mayr agree that the best part of high school were the people. They were able to meet a wide variety of students from other schools.

“Probably my favorite memory is just getting to know everyone this year, because I met a bunch of people,” Deas said.

Students also reminisce on the funny parts of high school. Sophomores Josh Gieschen and  Jensen Geist remember some of their impressive accomplishments. The have agreed not to share how this occurred.

“The time my friends and I went all across campus without touching the ground,” Gieschen and Geist said.

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