Homecoming dance receives new time and activities

Last year’s homecoming dance was on a Saturday and packed with students, with tickets having to be sold at the door.  (Photo: S. Ericsson, HUB archives)

By Megan Gebro and Eve Brunette,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

This year’s homecoming dance will look different from previous years for several reasons.

DHS has had its homecoming dance on a Saturday for the past several years, but this year the administration can only afford to chaperone dances on two Saturdays.

Last April, the DHS student government was left with a tough choice to decide which dance would be moved to a Friday.

“We sacrificed homecoming instead of prom and winter ball,” said junior Sandy McGlothlin, head of the dance committee.

This change has also affected the dress of the dance. Previously, the dance was formal, but it is now casual with a “Blue Out” theme. “[The dance] is right after the football game, which wouldn’t give people time to get dressed up,” McGlothlin said.

Even with all of these changes, tickets are still selling fast. “I know we’ve sold about half of the tickets out of the total [of] 600,” student government advisor Anthony Vasquez said.

Tickets were sold until the end of the day on Thursday.

This year’s homecoming dance also appeals to a wide range of students with new activities and music picked by Davis High students rather than a DJ.

New activities include Wii consoles with video games such as “Mario Kart” and “Super Smash Bros.” This is to provide a variety of entertainment, and creates a space for students to take a break from the dance. “I get tired quickly, so it’s good to have more room to hang out,” student government member junior Lucy Knudsen said.

With the dance being right after the game, student government hopes that school spirit will be stronger. “I am hoping that it will be just as fun and the hype of the game will simply carry into the dance,” senior Rachel Hedman said.

The students are not the only people affected by the change. Staff members who are chaperoning the dance are pleased with the change.

“Many of the staff are happy that it is on the Friday and I have more chaperone signups than needed,” Vasquez said.

The turnout this year is expected to be lower because of the date of the dance and the time.

“Since [the dance] goes so late into the night not a lot of people are able to stay out that late,” McGlothlin said.

Junior Molly Leach also expressed concern about the number of people attending the dance. “They haven’t promoted it as much as last year,” Leach said. However, ticket sales have reached the average number sold for dances at about 600 sales.

Leach attended last year’s homecoming dance and plans on going again. “I think the theme is more exciting and inspiring this year,” said Leach, who will be helping student government set up the dance beforehand.

McGlothlin is still confident it will be a fantastic dance, “I’m very proud of it,” she said. The dance’s level of organization is representative of the work put in by the student government and McGlothlin, whose plans for the dance began in the summer.


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