The ultimate guide to winning the door decorating competition

PHOTO: The overall winning class for 2018 door decorations was O-6. The teacher, Janice Candelario, added the Homecoming theme of decades to their class theme, Day of the Dead.

By Sarah Kim, Staff–

As the count down for Homecoming commences, Davis High students are getting excited for Homecoming by participating in events such as spirit week and door decorating.

Door decorating, one of Homecoming’s noteworthy events, will be judged on Wednesday, Oct. 9 during fourth period. Student Government will take pictures of participating doors and award three classes: the overall best, most creative and most interactive.

The theme for Homecoming this year is Hollywood, and the overall winner will be awarded a class pizza party. 

“Sometimes the classes will also stick to the theme that goes with the class,” said Brandon Folb, the head of the door decoration competition. “The Japanese class, I remember, [decorated] with anime and cartoons to match their class.”

Folb pointed out that to win, the participants should work hard and put effort into making a creative door. He also added that being interactive with the judges by preparing an introduction will help too.

Kristin Swanstrom, a social studies teacher that won several awards for this event, shares that when she participates, she connects the school theme with the class. She also pointed out that she appreciates when “students incorporate everyone into this [event],” as it allows everyone to be represented.

Spencer Elliot, an English teacher who is an active participant in door decorations, remembers his “bitter losses.”

“One year, we choreographed a thriller dance with fog machines but Mr. Bastin got a real chainsaw and chased people out of his room and he won,” Elliot said.

Sydney Moore, who was a committee head for the door decorations last year, recommends students have fun with it. “Being interactive with the people who are judging is always a good thing to try,” she said. 

Folb is more than excited to see people participate this year. “That’s the most fun thing about [door decorations],” he said, “Diversity, because you see all different themes based on the teachers and students.”

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