Devastating defeat doesn’t deter Davis

PHOTO: Junior Lily Hessl attempts to score against Christian Brothers on Dec. 3.

By Clara Ault, Staff–

The Davis High’s women’s varsity basketball team suffered a crushing defeat on Dec. 3 at its first home game against Christian Brothers, losing 62-28. Despite valiant efforts from junior Maddie Buzbee on defense and senior Surina Beal on offense, DHS was unable to pick up enough momentum to get a lead.

“We have a lot to work on, we need to take care of the ball a lot better and we need to figure ourselves out as a team,” Beal said. “We’re kinda all over the place and not conducive at all and I think just having more pride and taking pride in our play is going to be really important for us.”

Buzbee was also frustrated by the lack of control the team seemed to have with the ball. 

“We definitely need to work on valuing the ball, like throwing good passes and not just turning it over every single time,” Buzbee said. “Making good decisions.”

Over the course of the four quarters, the Lady Blue Devils’ racked up 38 turnovers, a difficult number to come back from. 

Head coach Heather Highshoe believes the loss is an opportunity to learn what needs to be worked on as the season progresses. 

“This [is] a really solid group, and I feel like if we [can] just put the pieces together [then] eventually that game would be nowhere close to what it was,” Highshoe said. “The good thing you can take away from games like this is you can see what you need to improve on.”

The team is trying to stay positive as players prepare for their game against Oakmont on Dec. 5 for DHS’s annual three-day Dorothy Speck tournament.

“Our goal right now is to come out tomorrow and have a great practice,” Highshoe said. “We’re just gonna learn from [this game] and then come out on Thursday against Oakmont and hopefully execute a lot better.”

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