DHS students volunteer with peace

By Madison Delmendo
HUB Correspondent

This weekend students flocked to the UCD quad for the annual Whole Earth Festival. For some students whole earth is more than just tie dye and peace necklaces. It’s a chance to `volunteer for Karma Patrol.

Karma Patrol is the “superfunkadelic love glue” that is the backbone of the Whole Earth Festival, according to the festivals web page. Patrollers make sure vendors are following regulations, while helping set up and take down stages and cleaning dishes.

“You can just go to a couple of volunteer meetings, they take everyone,” sophomore Nick Howell said.

For Howell, Karma Patrol is a new way to get involved with a festival he has loved since childhood. “I’ve been going for 11 years. I love the Whole Earth Festival and wanted to help out.”

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