Devils trample visiting Napa High

By Chris Garrison,

HUB Staff Writer–

The men’s varsity baseball team trampled the Napa High School Indians on March 12, winning eight to one. The Devils dominated on defense, letting only one run in during seven innings of play. Pitchers Jake Mille and Matt Trask, respectively a senior and junior, threw strikes with impunity.

“We had [Mille] coming in to throw stikes after me, so he did well,” Trask said. “He came in and closed it for us.”

Head coach Dan Ariola was proud of his team.

“I was pretty happy with the game. Everyone played well. Pitched well, played good defense, we swung the bats well.” He said.

Offensively, the Devils worked like a well-oiled machine. Ryan Kreidler, a freshman, earned Ariola’s praise for his performance.

“Everyone offensively put the ball in play. I was happy with [Kreidler], he has a lot of hits for us. The team, they all played very well.” Ariola said.

Bases were often loaded no matter who was on offense. Napa often filled the bases but was shut down short of crossing home plate.

Ariola and the players stressed that the game wasn’t perfect, though they were proud of their performance.

“There’s always things you can improve on,” Kreidler said. “We could pick it up a little more on the field, but that’s not too much of a concern. We’re happy with the win.”



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