Davis moms “Run Like Mothers”


Kids dashed the one mile at the 'Run Like a Mother' 5k. This is the first year that the run occured in Davis.
Kids dashed the one mile at the ‘Run Like a Mother’ 5k. This is the first year that the run occurred in Davis.

By Hannah Musgrove,

HUB Correspondent–

On Mother’s Day some families spend the day relaxing or visiting with one another, but this Sunday many mothers, with a support staff of children and husbands, spent the morning at Central Park taking part in the Run Like A Mother 5k race.

This race is a tradition that was started in 2008 in Ridgefield, Conn. by mom and athlete, Megan Searfoss. The goal of the run was to inspire women to achieve physical wellness and to give them more self-confidence. As the race grew more popular it spread to different locations across the country, including Davis.

Mayra Ramos of Davis decided to take part in the run with a group from Cesar Chavez, but the main reason she participated was for her kids.

“We wanted to celebrate some healthy habits,” Ramos said. Ramos’s children all ran in the kid’s 1 mile race. Ramos says she normally spends Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed, but today was different.

“I was thinking about that as I was running. I was like ‘what am I doing to myself on Mother’s Day?’” Ramos said. “Then I remembered health habits for my kids.”

Junior Casey Powers ran the 5k event with her mom. “I found out my mom was doing it and I asked to run with her since it was Mother’s Day,” Powers said. Powers and her mother usually spend the holiday visiting her grandmother and other family.

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