Snazzy students stand out

By Emily Kim, Staff–

For many Davis High students, looking fresh and keeping their outfits on point is not on the top of their list of priorities. However, there are a select few students with distinct styles that dress everyday like life is a fashion show, and DHS is their personal runway.

One of these individuals is sophomore Fox Connor, who can usually be seen in dark colors and leather.

“My style reflects my mysterious personality, I think. My staple clothing items change with the seasons, but the overall style just stays as one thing,” Connor said.

Senior Isabella Sanders also has a unique sense of style, and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Sanders is a part of the Baroque Ensemble, as well as a dedicated ballet dancer, and her style reflects her creative side. She describes her style as “artistic” and “mixed”.

Sanders takes most of her style inspiration from the unique trends of the runway and the laid back, casual vibe of street trends.

“Mostly my style stays the same but little things will change on a day-to-day basis. I don’t like to shop good deals but I will pick up a few staple things every once in a while,” Sanders said.

Sanders recommends looking at Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville and her mother’s local boutique Paulina’s to find cute pieces that stay on top of all the trends.

On the complete opposite end of Sanders–who keeps everything chic and classic–is senior Kailynn Hill, whose outfits are the epitome of eclectic and unique and tends to switch up her style everyday.

Hill participates in a lot of thrift shopping, since she likes to personalize her clothing through DIY projects.

“My style flip flops everyday. I’m a very insecure person so my style in the one thing that I feel like I’m truly confident in,” Hill said.

Hill takes most of her inspiration from movies, especially John Waters, which she said can be defined as “glam trash” and “dreamy.”

“I really like film noir too, which always has dream sequences and hazy transitions. I also take inspiration from David Lynch films,” Hill.

Ever had to choose between two different accessories or jackets? Well, Hill doesn’t face that problem.

“My fashion sense evokes my indecisiveness. I never can decide what I want to wear so I just throw on everything at once and hope it all works out,” Hill said.

Junior Dchenin Moreno is another fashion-inspired student.

“I don’t exactly have a style inspiration. Anything in the darker colors are what I like most,” Moreno said.

Moreno says that her style reflects her extreme sarcasm and sassiness. Moreno recommends looking at American Eagle and Urban Outfitters for good staple items.

“Winter clothes are based on my Dr. Martens, I have a small obsession with them and I pair them with oversized coats and sweaters. Two things that I get from my style is basically Docs and lipstick,” Moreno said.

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