LIFESTYLE: Davis High’s Best Dressed- Camila Ortiz

By Emily Kim and Emily Lufburrow Staff–

One of the best ways to find style inspiration is to look around and pull ideas from the people here on DHS campus. This month, we took a close look at senior Camila Ortiz and her interesting and unique style for a week.

“[I would describe my style as] eclectic.”

“[My style inspiration] is Maya Tripathi.”

“[My style] definitely changes based on mood or day. The days when I dress most creatively are usually when I’m really busy and thinking about an outfit to distract myself.”

“My red Docs [are my staple wardrobe item], which are also the thrift store find I am most proud of. My style has changed a little bit since this time last year. I think it’s getting less cluttered over time. I’m finding staple items that I like and trying to build up a better, more interesting version of my style around those.”

One thought on “LIFESTYLE: Davis High’s Best Dressed- Camila Ortiz

  • March 10, 2015 at 2:54 PM

    Great style . Great sense of color and combination .A gorgeous smile.

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