Shut out victory for women’s badminton against Napa

By Krystal Lau, Staff–

The Davis High women’s badminton team beat Napa High in a 15-0 victory on Monday, April 20. The win over the Indians improved the team’s league ranking and gave them a confidence boost in preparation for their game against the first place Rodriguez  this Friday.

Senior Robin Chang notes that the uniqueness of the badminton team comes from the strength of their cohesiveness. She attributes their close bond to the many hours they spent working together.

“We bonded a lot because we spend so much time together and interact with each other; we have practice every weekday for two hours,” Chang said. “I think what sets us apart is the bond we have between team members; we are friendlier with each other. It makes our doubles team in particular stronger.”

As a senior, Chang feels that the nearing end of the season is bittersweet. She states that badminton played a large role in her life, and the people in it have made a lasting impression on her.

“I’m definitely going to miss badminton, towards the end you get more and more nostalgic. It’s just like something big in your life is ending and it’s sad that you might never see some of the people in the team again,” Chang said.

Coach Ty Brown maintains a strategy of playing one day at a time. Pleased with Monday’s win, he believes the game is about more than the end result.

“We’re not talking about winning and losing, we’re talking about getting better and everything else will take care of itself that way,” Brown said. “Every game is important for us right now. Obviously we have a lofty goal ahead of us trying to become the league champion.”

Brown, a newcomer this year to badminton, recalls how friendly the girls were in welcoming him into the team.

“We’ve been working together really, really well. We’ve got 45 of some of the greatest gals we could find on campus, great attitudes, really cohesive unit, we’ve all been working really hard together. They’ve welcomed me into the Blue Devil badminton team as well, being an outsider until this year, it’s been a great experience and it’s been a two way learning both for myself and the athletes,” Brown said.

Brown hopes to overtake Rodriguez as first place league champions.

“Right now we’re just taking it one day and one game at a time. We’re going to worry about today’s game today, and then we’re going to show up to practice tomorrow. We’re just looking forward to getting better each and every day and that’s been our message from day one,” Brown said.

Chang is excited for the rest of the season.

“I’m looking forward to bonding more with my team and overall having a good time playing,” Chang said.

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